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Polyhedral Dice

Jewellery, apparel and homeware for aesthetically-conscious gamers.
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Dice Charm

The full polyhedral dice set, brought together.

Love Tabletop roleplaying games?

At Witch Hunt it's our wish to proudly equip every adventurer with a way to express their love of TTRPGs through what you choose to wear, how you style your home and what has pride of place on your gaming tables. Every Witch Hunt piece has been lovingly designed with you in mind.

Stealth-nerd accesories and menswear
Bow ties and Neckties
Roll for charisma with advantage with our formalwear for your special occasion.
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About Witch hunt

Designed and Dispatched with love and care from Ireland

Witch Hunt HQ is based in the idyllic countryside of Ireland, saturated with fantasy inspiration.